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Autogriffon Nis

Founded in 2012 in Nikola Tesla Blvd. in the city of Nis, “Autogriffon” offers complete mechanical and electrical services for all types of automobiles. Along with regular maintenance and repair which is done by means of contemporary diagnostic devices, the service is specialized in body frame repair, painting and lacquering. “Autogriffon” also offers towing services.

In mid-2019 “Autogriffon” joined the TQAS concept as one of the partners in TotalEnergies’ service network that clients recognize by a prominent visual identity characteristic for this service concept.

Watch our video presentation of what the service looked like before and after entering the TQAS network.


TQAS “Autogriffon” can show for over 10,000 repairs, more than thousand satisfied clients, a number of degrees and certificates earned by the employees who dedicate themselves to every vehicle intervention.

Continuous employee training, contemporary tools, devices and renowned car part brands, but most of all - professional client relations - are just the values that TotalEnergies supported by investing into TQAS “Autogriffon”.