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Autoelektrika Bane, Srpska Crnja

Car service "Autoelektrika Bane" is located at Mileta Jakšića 1 in Srpska Crnja, not far from the border with Romania. It was founded in 2011 and it’s focused on maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, but it also provides car electric services for passenger, as well as heavy duty vehicles and agricultural machinery.

In addition to the above-mentioned, users can get diagnostic services, suspension alignment, servicing of electronics, charging of air conditioners, repair of cooling systems, clutches and gearboxes, gluing of windshields, as well as purchase and installation of new batteries.

At the beginning of 2021, the service "Autoelektrika Bane" became a member of the TotalEnergies service network, when it received new, recognizable visual features characteristic for this service concept. In addition to the provision of original products, the partnership with TotalEnergies includes the possibility of technical training of employees, as well as support through marketing activities organized by the company within the service network.

In the image gallery below, you can see what the "Autoelektrika Bane" service looks like after joining the TotalEnergies network.

Besides being recognized for reliable, quality work, the service "Autoelektrika Bane" is also the only car service in the municipality of Nova Crnja that performs certain field service interventions, which is why it enjoys great trust among customers.

servis Autoelektrika Bane

Professional knowledge and competence, constant education and application of modern methods in business, as well as readiness to provide maximum support to clients, are the values that TotalEnergies recognized and supported by investing in this partnership, to the satisfaction of both sides and striving for mutual progress.