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Auto Joca, Petrovac na Mlavi

Car service “Auto Joca” is located at Trgovacka 12 in Petrovac upon Mlava. Since 1996 their main business has been repairing and maintaining vehicles and selling car parts. Shortly after “Auto Joca” was founded, they expanded their scope of services to car and commercial vehicle diagnostics, A/C servicing, cleaning and maintenance, selling tires for passenger, commercial and agricultural vehicles, car rental, towing services and road assistance in the country and abroad.

“Auto Joca” also specializes in the sales, installation, and repair of car glass. They are authorized for installing and distributing Sky Control devices for vehicle protection and tracking.

Car service “Auto Joca” joined the TotalEnergies network at the end of 2020. Together with the support through products, new visual identity and features typical for the TotalEnergies concept, they have access to the technical knowledge and promotions organized by TotalEnergies.

The image gallery below shows what the service looks like after joining the TotalEnergies network.

With a clear vision of progress, “Auto Joca” keeps up with technological innovations in the car industry and adapts the services to the needs of the market, focusing on client satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships.


The growth and the development over the last two decades confirm the quality of their work and their contemporary business approach. TotalEnergies has recognized “Auto Joca” as a reliable partner they can gladly recommend to users, who can rely on the quality of service and TotalEnergies products.