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Allureco, Nis

Auto service “Allureco” is located in Nis, at the address Dimitrija Tucovica 196, on an easily accessible position next to the state road towards Prokuplje. The service offers repair and maintenance of all types of passenger cars and light transportation vehicles, and is specialized for Peugeot and Citroën vehicles.

"Allureco" joined the TotalEnergies concept in the middle of 2019, when it received a new, recognizable visual identity, which is shared by all network partner services. It also regularly participates in network-level promotional activities organized by the company, receives support in the form of supplying oils and lubricants from the TotalEnergies portfolio, and employees have the opportunity to improve their professional knowledge and skills.

In the image gallery below, you can see what “Allureco” looks like after adopting the TotalEnergies concept.

Long-term satisfaction with TotalEnergies fluids, the selection of quality auto parts, and the high standard in customer service were excellent recommendations for entering the TotalEnergies service network, to the satisfaction of end users who enjoy all the benefits of fast and quality service, with peace of mind when it comes to the originality of TotalEnergies oil and lubricants.

Allureco TotalEnergies mreža servisa

Following trends and innovations in the automotive industry, the service is continually developing and expanding its portfolio of services. Such business philosophy is one of the reasons why TotalEnergies recognized “Allureco” as a partner in mutual progress.