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AC Terzic, Kraljevo

Car service "AC Terzic" is located at Karadjordjeva 192b street in Kraljevo. Along with oil recommendation and oil change, the service also offers professional tire and wheel alignment services. The newly built car repair shop is part of an auto-center that performs technical inspection and vehicle registration for clients.

As a brand new facility built to serve the purpose of auto service, "AC Terzic" has joined the TotalEnergies service network in 2018, completely modeled and branded in line with the recognizable TotalEnergies standard.

The image gallery below shows what the service looks like after adopting the TotalEnergies concept.

The long-term cooperation, which had initially relied on the sale of TotalEnergies products and the growing demand from end users for unified repair and vehicle maintenance services, were excellent reasons for extending the business within the TotalEnergies service network. As a result, "AC Terzic" is a full novelty on the Kraljevo car service market.

Apart from the aforementioned comprehensive services available at one place, end users can be confident when it comes to the originality of products from the TotalEnergies portfolio used in the "AC Terzic" car service. Services that are members of the TotalEnergies network, on the other hand, receive additional benefits such as promotional support and continual professional training for all of their employees.