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The TQAS service "AC Terzic" is located at Karadjordjeva 192b Street in Kraljevo. Along with oil recommendation and oil change, the service also offers professional tire and wheel alignment services. The newly built service is part of an auto-center that performs technical inspection and vehicle registration for clients.

As a brand new facility built to serve the purpose of auto service, "AC Terzic" has joined TotalEnergies’ service network in 2018, completely modeled and branded in line with the recognizable TQAS standard.

This video will show you what the service looked like before and after the makeover.


A long-standing cooperation which was, until recently, based on the sales of TotalEnergies products and the rising need of end users for a unified service and vehicle maintenance were all the more reason to expand business and build an auto service in Kraljevo. "AC Terzic" is therefore a complete novelty on the auto service market in Kraljevo.

In the episode of TQAS Caravan that explores Kraljevo, our host Slobodan Sarenac visits "AC Terzic" to find out what is it that this service offers to all those who wish to have a piece of mind when it comes to quality of service and products under the TotalEnergies’ brand.  As we continue our journey, we discover what a “city of kings” has to offer to its visitors.