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A24 Assistance, Backa Topola

“A24 Assistance” car service is located in Omladinska 44 Street in Backa Topola. It was founded in 1986. Along with standard auto mechanic services, they also offer 24/7 road assistance all year round, towing service, as well as the service of transporting passenger and commercial vehicles from abroad. 

At the end of 2017 “A24 Assistance” became one of the first auto services in the TotalEnergies network in Serbia. Completely renovated and branded in compliance with the standard that is globally distinctive for TotalEnergies, “A24 Assistance” got a new, compelling look, partner support and recommendation on part of TotalEnergies.

See how the service looks after joining the TotalEnergies concept in the image gallery shown below.

Rapid vehicle repair, professionalism and quality of products in TotalEnergies portfolio guarantee peace of mind and help for any challenge a driver may face on the road.

Auto servis A24 Assistance Bačka Topola

Decades of experience working with vehicles, a professional approach to clients, and continuous improvement of service quality are characteristics that TotalEnergies recognized as values, leading to mutually beneficial cooperation with the car service "A24 Assistance”.