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IMS, Pale

The “IMS” car service is located in Donja Ljubogosta near Pale. For over 25 years, the service has been offering maintenance, repair and interventions on all car makes. Today, “IMS” offers full mechanic services, diagnostics, A/C servicing, tire services and vehicle alignment. It also specializes in machine head and brake skimming. In addition to the services listed, "IMS" offers lubricants and car parts, and customers can use their towing services and TotalEnergies EV charger.

At the end of September 2018, “IMS” became the first car service in the Republic of Bosnia & Herzegovina to join the TotalEnergies concept, having received a new visual identity and TotalEnergies support applied in services in the network.

The image gallery below shows what the service looks like after joining the TotalEnergies network.

Cooperation with TotalEnergies, which was based on the sales of TotalEnergies and Elf lubricants, has now grown into a true partnership with the goal of guaranteeing the consistent quality of service and products that TotalEnergies offers to end users.

auto servis IMS sa Pala

Through this concept applied to the “IMS” service, TotalEnergies strives not only to justify but also to exceed the expectations of end users, assuring that every intervention will be done quickly and professionally and that each and every TotalEnergies product that the service uses is genuine.