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Modus, Uzice

Champion and apprentice

Formerly a republic, today a city, Uzice is a place of interesting history and cultural heritage. Initially a craft and trade center, at the beginning of the last century it began to develop into an industrial one, and in the second half into a large economic and cultural center of Western Serbia.

This heart of the Zlatibor district is crumpled with valleys and passes. We believe that anyone who grafts their driving skills on the narrow streets, curves and slopes of Uzice, is a driving expert. We know for sure that young Lazar Milovanovic is, since he is a three-time rally champion of Serbia. Following the example of the legendary Sebastian Loeb, and under the wing of the former Yugoslav champion Vladan Dubljanin, he dreams of becoming world champion one day.

And not only does he dream, but he also works hard in the "Modus" car service, where he gains knowledge and experience in mechanics and diagnostics, in order to react more swiftly on the track. And he has someone to learn from. This family business is run by his father and uncle, lovers of Renault, specialists for French vehicles, adept at diagnosing a car based solely on hearing. They serve the entire region, and due to the very configuration of its terrain, they are excellent handbrake experts.

TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia | Modus, Uzice | Specialists for French vehicles

With the photo gallery that follows, we tried to convey to you the atmosphere, as well as all the love for French vehicles that has been cultivated for decades in this car service in Uzice. We invite you to take a ride through the rest of Serbia by watching other episodes of the TotalEnergies Caravan through Serbia series.

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