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Auto Plus, Subotica

The "Auto Plus" car service is located at Svetozara Miletica 76 in Subotica. The service, which was established in 2001, provides car diagnostics and mechanical services for all passenger and light cargo vehicles (vans), as well as the procurement and sale of auto parts.

Growing year-round satisfaction with TotalEnergies products and trust in the company led to the partnership in 2022 and the addition of the "Auto Plus" car service to the TotalEnergies service network. "Auto Plus" underwent a rebranding and gained the distinctive visual identity of the TotalEnergies concept. Other benefits enjoyed by this service, like those shared by other network members, include regular professional training of employees, involvement in promotions, and the supply of original oils and lubricants from the TotalEnergies portfolio.

In the following photo gallery, you can see how the “Auto Plus” service in Subotica looks after joining the TotalEnergies service network.

Car service "Auto Plus" built its foundation on a professional approach to business, expertise, and fast work, and gained clients' trust through responsiveness and a willingness to help not only by providing quality service but also by offering free auto maintenance advice.

Auto servis Auto Plus

In addition to the reputation it has among clients, there have been twenty years of work and investment in education and business development, as well as in the equipment of the service itself and the store inside it, as the foundation for adding "Auto Plus" to the TotalEnergies service network. The partnership was established for the mutual benefit of both parties so that we can provide our clients with a high level of service and guaranteed TotalEnergies product quality.