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Beo-car Belgrade

“Beo-car” was founded in 1994 as a private firm that sells tires, car parts, car equipment, engine oils, batteries and car care products. One part of their business is an auto service, located in 10 Zemunska street in Novi Beograd, where clients can also buy car parts, leave their tires in a hotel and use the services of technical inspection and registration.
In mid-2019 “Beo-car” joined TotalEnergies service network TQAS, which represents a unique concept through which TotalEnergies wants to support its partner services all over the world.

Watch our video presentation of what the service looked like before and after entering the TQAS network.

TotalEnergies SERVICE NETWORK - Beo-car | Belgrade

A contemporary auto service concept that offers everything regarding car maintenance in one place, guaranteeing quality and commitment to each client, is just the kind of value for end users that TotalEnergies supports through this project.

The fact that an auto service is a member of the TQAS network, means that the clients will get a professional service and enjoy the benefits of promotional activities which TotalEnergies organizes within the network.